Self Harm

moongifI was watching the Pagan Perspective on Youtube the other day and they were talking about self harm and the Wiccan Rede. the different opinions were interesting, and I love reading comments to see different thoughts on the subject.

Self harm can take on many forms. There’s physical harm such as cutting, starving, or otherwise damaging your body with drugs (this includes smoking and alcohol), and there’s self harm with the ‘stinking thinking’ of constantly putting yourself down or berating yourself for mistakes.

The question asked about ‘harm none’ and how it impacts a Wiccan when they self harm, and they are not in control of it.

As I’ve mentioned before. the Rede means advice. The ‘harm none’ is pretty good advice in that, but humans are humans and make mistakes. We work through our issues…or not. I think its the intention of trying to live by the rede is what really counts.

You shouldn’t harm others or yourself, if you can help it. I know there are moments where it doesn’t seem as though there’s much choice, but I think its those moments, when we are feeling angry, depression, or weak, that we must ask ourselves if harming is helping. Generally, it doesn’t.

You want to rise above it and find the qualities or characteristics to help overcome the challenges that Life presents. Its then we evolve and move outside the state of mind we’re in.

What are you thoughts? Comment below.


One response to “Self Harm

  1. That’s a very good insight of yours. Your article was very helpful. Indeed. 🙂

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