Religion should include humor

While watching a number of videos on YouTube with pagans taking the role of teacher. I find many of them seem a bit too serious about things.

Of course, I suppose many people take their religion seriously, perhaps thinking that incorporating laughter and play as being too silly.

I had one guy tell me after a sabbat ritual that I needed to be serious, and frankly I was prepared to leave the group altogether if it mean I couldn’t be playful and joyful during ritual.

Thankfully, he was the one to leave, but even with that, a year later, I still found the group kept going down the path of being too somber and serious about things.

Being silly doesn’t mean you’re not serious about your beliefs. It means you celebrate all aspects of spirituality with laughter and joy. I’m sorry if that offends, but science shows time and time again that laughter provides a longer, healthier life.

I dealt with major depression for many years, so you’ll excuse me if I refuse to follow your dictation to how one should behave in ritual. Don’t get me wrong, I was adequately mature in rituals when it was required, but sabbats- days of celebration- well, that is a time for laughter, dance, and spontaneity.

The members in my meetup group often say how they love the easygoing atmosphere for rituals. We also do energy work, and I find laughter helps to relax people so they open up better. They trust each other. Laughter unifies groups, and releases tension that would otherwise inhibit energy work.

Book of Shadows Assignment: For the next week or so, take notice of joy and laughter, and how often you do this. Are you a happy person? If not, why? Do you give energy to joy or do you find yourself focusing on negative things with ranting and complaining? Journal these experiences. Take a few moments each day to meditation on laughter and smiling. Jot down your mood after.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Do you think ritual should be somber occasions or is laughter and silliness allowed?


2 responses to “Religion should include humor

  1. The Charge of the Goddess states “mirth and reverence”. I think there is a time and place for solemnity within a ritual, but I also believe that if you are not enjoying your religion you should look elsewhere. I have done many a ritual flop and laughed and the gods laughed with me. Sabbats most certainly times of jolly fun and we should embrace that!

  2. Ritual bloopers are the best! I’ve been in circles where-
    – We tripped over the drummer
    -The quarters were called in the wrong direction
    – Someone once invoked ‘Water of the watery whealm’ instead of watery realm.
    -and so many numerous times I completely forgot what I was suppose to say and do in the middle of it.
    I certainly hope the gods have a sense of humor! lol

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