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1298199027667261Some of the best groups I’ve had the pleasure to circle with embraced the idea of sharing traditions, rather than sticking to a single tradition the group all had to follow. This led to some wonderful experiences and exercises in mutual respect.

My meetup group comprises of many spiritual paths; from Nordic, Celtic, Traditional Wicca, Native American, and other belief systems. When we join in ritual, we hold a planning meeting so everyone can share their ideas, practices, and also understand that of other members in the group.

Once planned, I will then post an outline of the ritual online so members who attend can pick and choose which section of the ritual they wish to participate. For instance, someone can volunteer to invoke the quarters, while someone might want to cleanse the ritual area.

So a new member joined a few days ago, and with her, she brings a massive amount of enthusiasm to make friends and celebrate. She invited everyone to Yule (or Jul, being she’s Asatru.

I’m excited at the idea of celebrating Jul (Germanic Yule). She says she’s making a traditional Norwegian meal, (she’s from Norway) and I’ve never been to a primarily Asatru ritual.

With my groups, I’ve encouraged members to embrace other traditions, to learn from them, and although they don’t have to agree with everything, its okay to appreciate how someone else does things on their path. It keeps things fresh and new for me.

What are your thoughts? Have you participated in various circles of different traditions? Has your religion changed paths over the years? Are their elements you like/dislike? Post in the comments below.


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