Ritual and being sick

This past few days, I worried about losing my voice. oddly, I couldn’t tell if this was caused by allergies (cats, dust, powder, and other stuff), a cold, or the fact, I spent some times with friends, laughing and talking, to the point of wearing my voice out.

The latter I though unlikely. I have very ‘strong verbal skills’. Just ask my husband. But I did feel in a way that I talked a marathon with the number of friends and family and so much laughing with them, that maybe I hurt myself.

Which is so worth it, if that’s the case!

But I digress…

I ended up cancelling attending the ritual yesterday. Its never a good idea to attend a sabbat or ritual sick, unless the event has in mind some healing. Otherwise, you can throw off other member’s energies and naturally infect them too. I certainly couldn’t see myself raising up energy feeling the way I did.

I remember in my coven, a member repeatedly brought kids who had fevers and once, even pink-eye to the group. I don’t think it ever occurred to her how rude that was to the rest of us, or cruel this way for her kids. It illustrated more on the person she was, that she wanted to join in ritual no matter what.

You find all sorts in groups, but for reference, it should be understood that for group etiquette, you do not attend functions while sick. You can call first to see if a cold might be allowed, but remember you’re risking everyone in getting sick as well.

I personally won’t attend ritual if I’m feeling depressed , although I’ve allowed others to join with the idea of setting aside time for them for healing. They often remarked how they felt better after, or on some occasions, that coming to ritual pulled them out of a funk. It is still a good idea to talk to the organizers/leaders of ritual where you are physically/mentally before attending.

What are your thoughts? Should groups allow sick and/or depressed members to join?

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