Yule Links of Fun and Merriment


I feel Yule is an important sabbat to celebrate in regard to the dark days of winter.

I know a number of people coping with depression, so its all the more important to provoke cheer and merriment this time of the year.

Here are some links I found to get some ideas:

Yule Ideas and Activities-A somewhat short list but includes some neat ideas.

Yule Carols– Huge list of Christmas/Yule songs.

Circle Sanctuary’s Page on Winter Solstice– some very nice ideas here.

My own traditions include;

-I join my family to a local tree farm to pick out our tree. Even our dog tags along. The location is on this hillside overlooking the valley, and the air smells so good of earth and pine.

-Making cookies. We try making at least three kinds if not more, with music playing, and lots of joking around.

-Looking at Christmas lights. Our town has this wonderful display of Christmas lights in our local park which is nice to drive through to see them. We’re close enough to walk through with our dog.

-Visiting friends/family. I end up getting over-scheduled with keeping up with friends and family, but its worth it.

-Yule rituals include toasting one another for achievements or just being who they are, and raising power for healing, cleansing, or evoking growth and love.

Book of Shadows: Write down your favorite traditions, adding photos as you record doing them. Make notes on the happy thoughts. Add ideas for next year. You could also include in your Book of Shadows some pages of Yule recipes, gift lists, etc.


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