Happy Yule!

yule61Today is the winter solstice, from here on we’ll see the days lengthen, and the nights shorten. I’m comforted by that fact, but also realize we’re still facing months of winter weather.

Today, however, here in Maryland, we’re having a rather nice day. I daresay its warm. We rarely if ever get a white Christmas, and with global warming, I doubt we’ll see that change any time soon.

Today celebrates the birth of the Sun, marking the time where the days lengthen and the nights shorten, and we spiral along the Wheel of the Year with all its changes.

I’ll be joining friends at a Yule celebration. One idea the event organizer had for a Yule log was that all members bring a length of wood to be rolled into a single log. You then put your wishes upon it (in strips of paper or whatever) and burn this through the ritual.

I want to have the group create wish bags, as shown to me by CharmingPixieFlora, *and she got the idea from Z. Budepest) where you decorate a bag. At the time, or later at New Year’s, you can then fill with birdseed, whisper your intent into the bag, and blow it up. You then pop it loudly, and watch the seeds scatter on the ground.

I hope everyone has a safe, wonderful, and fun-filled winter solstice today!

Book of Shadows Assignment- Add your Yule ritual to your book, but also jot down ideas (word or pictures) of your intentions, wishes, and hopes for the new year. What will you wish for?


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