Resolutions for the Celtic Year

265642077990208611_MccW5zGQ_cIf you ever get the chance to study how mankind measured time, I highly recommend you do so. Its fascinating to see how people managed to create weeks and years, considering its not a perfect cycle.

A full solar cycle lasts 365.25 days, with a Leap year occurring every 4 years to make up for lost time.

To the Celtic calendar, depending heavily on the planting cycles of the moon and sun, the year ends on October 31st, starting new on November 1st.  Many pagans celebrate this as an ending and the beginning of setting goals for the year.

In the modern Gregorian calendar, however, January 1st marks the start of the new year.

Personally, it makes more sense to follow the Celtic calendar for setting goals. This allows for goals to be reached before the holiday season, so you can kick back and enjoy the season, rather than feel guilty for not reaching the goal, or pushing yourself harder to reach it in time.

I still wait until the regular New Year’s holiday to officially start my goals, or at least spend the time between October 31st to December 31st planning my course of action to achieve my goals.

How do you use the Celtic New Year, as opposed to the ‘regular’ New Year to set goals for yourself?

Book of Shadows Assignment: Write about your resolutions for the year. Also, add to your book, a list of achievements you’ve accomplished. You should unexpected accomplishments as well.


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