Skyclad vs nudity

tumblr_lc7ztn86Nr1qa518fo1_500It should come to no surprise that the one post that gets the most hits on my blog is about ‘skyclad’ (nudity in ritual’).

I mentioned in the previous post how its not sexual. If anything, skyclad removes the embarrassment that goes along with nudity, and even the sexuality of the human form.

When I attended a ‘clothes-optional’ festival, I was surprised to see a sign upon leaving that said “Do you have your clothes on?”. This was to remind people to get dressed before leaving, because, yep- you guessed it- some people were known to return to the real world without pants or shirts.

Why go skyclad? This is a question each individual must answer for themselves. I’ve done skyclad ritual and often found it distracting to where I do NOT like sitting on the bare ground on a bare butt, or worry about sunburns or bug bites. We wear clothes for more than just modesty, after all.

Ritual nudity is said to strip all members of hierarchy and the ‘mundane’, but I think its human nature to be individual. Even without clothes you find tattoos or jewelry marks people as being unique.

When one member of my coven suggested a skyclad ritual in September, I was against it. “Pick a warm month, for gods’ sake!”. I think she wanted to do skyclad more for shock value than anything else, and it’s a wrong reason.

The experience can be positive in the sense you understand your body, and your prejudices of others’ can also be lifted as well. You can feel more ‘free’ spiritually as well as physically, but on the other hand, going skyclad can serve to increase your inhibitions and turn it into something negative.

Its important to try new things, to extend your experiences beyond inhibitions, but in your own time. If you’re not ready, you’re not ready, and its possible you never will be, and that’s ok too.

What are your experiences with skyclad? Thoughts? Would you join a circle if all nude?


2 responses to “Skyclad vs nudity

  1. Personally, I would avoid anything skyclad. I believe that my body is sacred and my own PRIVATE temple, only allowed to be seen by those I choose. I would not want anyone that I did not wish to to gaze upon me naked. I dress extremely modest as it is, as a personal preference. To others, they have the right to go to rituals skyclad, but for my own personal belief, I would just avoid that ritual or circle. Skyclad is not for everybody.

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