More Home Cleansing

I decided its high time to clear and cleanse out my house. I have this odd love/hate relationship with my house…I love to hate it.

Its my husband’s abode, so after we got married, he being already a homeowner, I moved in. To me, this house is dark and needs so much TLC I’ve considered it might be easier to just knock it down and rebuild. Jokes aside, the work that needs doing is overwhelming.

Our neighbors’ homes block the sunlight, so its often dark in this place. I can’t have plants or flowers, unless they enjoy the shade. Maybe I can grow mushrooms? They like the dark, right?

At any rate, I want to focus in the coming months of clearing and cleansing the house. I often do the same technique previously mentioned in a post about this subject. It doesn’t take too long, and the magick is simple to do. I just have to be more thorough with the cleaning part.

I also use the same cleaner and salt mixture to dust the house, alternating with Murphy’s Oil Soap for the floor and wood surfaces.

Once you’ve physically cleaned a room, you can then spritz the area with water infused with Citrine or essential oils, or you can ring a bell, clap your hands, or burn incense to clear the area.

I’ve often wondered that by adding ribbons to my mop to represent my wishes, I wonder if it would also work on a vacuum? A witch needs to modernize, right?

I tend to sing while I sweep, mop, and vacuum. Its sort of whistle while you work’ but also using tone and music to clear the area.

I’ve often had guests comment how warm and inviting my house is….though I don’t really see it myself (because I don’t like my house), but one friend told me the other day “Your house seems to hug me when I come inside”.

Aw. I’m so glad. That is EXACTLY what I want my home to do for folks, to make them feel good when they’re here.

What tips and tricks do you do to make your house a home…specifically a magickal home?


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