The working candles

candleAlthough all candles technically work, a ‘working candle’ refers to the first candle lit in ritual, and how you light the other candles after.

Most rituals I’ve attending used a simple white pillar candle. A few were carved or adorned, but generally a basic simply candle works best.

When doing any spell or ritual, light the working candle first. From this flame, you light other candles, incense, or even burn things like scraps of paper, cord, or whatever.

Some things you can do with a working candle;

-Once the working candle is used up, gather the drippings or leftovers and save for later. You can then use the wax for a number of uses, or make another working candle.

-The working candle should be annointed with oil.

-A working candle saves on matches and the use of a lighter. One flame to light other things also symbolically shows you how the characteristic of Fire is to share its warm and light.

-Carve into the candle symbols of power. You can also use a hairdryer to melt slightly and use a stamp to add symbols (or even add crystals, leaves, etc.

-The working candle is also the last candle blown out.

What other tips do you know of with the working candle?


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