The Dog Whisperer and Energy

cesarIf you watch many episodes of The Dog Whisperer, you’ know he often brings up ‘energy’ and its impact on your pet.

My own dog is a mix between an Australian Cattle Dog and Australian Shepherd, which makes for a high-energy, very smart dog. Pepper also loves to run and bark, tends to nip at times, and shows mostly the breed of a cattle dog.

IMG_0914So watching the many episodes of The Dog Whisperer, I took stock of my own energy of myself. I tend to be a big high-energy at times, almost hyper. I often find myself tense, and not really having any reason to be tense, I just am.

So I decided to start being mindful of my own energy around my dog, and learned to relax more.  I take a deep breath and release that energy, and within moments, I noticed a change in my dog. She relaxes as well, and even listens better.

This also got me thinking on how my energy affects other people and even my home. One friend described my house as ‘hugging’, where she felt the house envelopes her in this blanket of love. Other guests also describe how my home has this wonderful vibration to it.

What are your thoughts- What sort of energy do you give off? Does this permeate your home and family?

BOS Assignment– Write a journal on the topic of your own energy and how you feel it affects others around you. Add thoughts on how other energies affect you and your mood. Consider how to make changes and types of changes to your energy flow- do you need more calm, or do you need more energy?


One response to “The Dog Whisperer and Energy

  1. I rescued my own dog from under a van, he was starving and covered in fleas and ticks. It’s taken several months, but I nursed him back to health. I would say because of that, I noticed the bond between him and I is very great. He does seem very keyed to my moods, if I cry, he sits next to me and whines. If I am excited and happy, generally goofing around with my mate, my dog grows excited and wants to join in the fun, jumping, bouncing, and running around. I would say everyone is effected by different energies. I can recall walking into a room where someone is just arguing, you can feel the discord in the air so thick you can breath it in. Since I live in a small place with my mate, we are constantly around each other. Even the slightest mood change seems to effect the whole household, including our dog. I think energy effects everyone around use, it just takes a keen eye and a pause to notice it.

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