Polyester blend witch

I inwardly cringe whenever I meet pagans who claims they are a ‘natural witch’. It implies that others are not. Generally these self-proclaimed natural witches also come from a Christian background, which leads me to wonder what they mean by ‘natural’.

From what I could find the subject, ‘natural’ witch often refers to someone with some talent in psychic or supernatural gift. This could be anything from premonition to speaking to spirit guides.

To me, any religious practice is a choice– period. You are not born a witch, even if your parents were, because that implies you have no choice in the matter.

Psychic gifts, on the other hand, do not mean you are a witch either, because you find Christians who also claim to some gift, and they would never label themselves as a witch.

And if this is natural, why do so many witches who have ‘gifts’ complain about how tough it is to have them? If its natural, it should feel natural as another skill or trait you have, one would think.

By the definitions I continue to find on this subject, I would be a ‘natural’ witch.

-Natural affinity with nature.

-Good with animals

-Some ‘gifts’

-Felt as though I was realizing being a witch rather than choosing (although I still stand on being able to pick and choose your path as a mindful choice).

I would never claim to be a ‘natural witch’ because an of these qualities can be found in a person of any faith. These ‘gifts’ are not witchcraft, but something more universal.

If anyone has more information on this, please leave comments.


5 responses to “Polyester blend witch

  1. When I hear the term ‘natural witch’ only one thing really comes to mind. To me, a natural witch is someone like a hedgewitch, a druid, someone who is involved in green witchcraft. A natural witch is what I thought to be someone greatly involved in nature and their path is more focused on mother earth, nature, and the elements than anything else. I know a lot of pagans are very natural, very involved in nature, and some prefer a more ‘green living’, but to me when someone says a natural witch I think they are even MORE involved with nature than the average pagan. I didn’t think it was anything else.

    • I’ve heard of one path that also specifically follows Gaia as the spirit of earth itself. I think they’re called eco-pagans or something along those lines. I certainly agree more with a definition that leans towards practices/beliefs that focus on Nature than the definitions I’ve found on psychic ability.

  2. I call myself a Natural Pagan. To me it means that everything I do in my life, cooking, reading, writing, talking, is part of my spiritual life, dedicated to the gods and Universe. My natural life is part of my religious life, in fact my natural life defines my religious life. Also, if something doesn’t feel natural to me, so feels scripted or forced, then I won’t do it. In this I follow how I feel when it comes to religion, rather than what books tell me to do and believe – as opposed to when I first began my Pagan journey and tried to follow the rules of certain books. So in a way my use of the term Natural is my way of distancing myself from the time I followed someone elses belief system.

    Truly, I think that any Pagan who follows their heart and their true beliefs rather than someone elses is a Natural Pagan. But that is only my definition, and I am not a Witch so can’t speak to that.

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