Skepticism for pagans

You might giggle at the thought of a pagan being skeptical, but its entirely doable in this modern age. Its even possible for all spiritual paths.

Not all pagans believe the same things, while others argue many points to their beliefs validity or sense of truth.

This post is not arguing with your belief in something, but I think its important that everyone practice a level of skepticism with everything.

Skepticism is not disbelief, as much as questioning the beliefs and facts of something. And I want to emphasize the importance of questioning.

Pagan religion is not about accepting things as gospel, without question, to follow blindly. Its welcoming to the idea that you’re welcome to ask questions, to even challenge the belief.

If I told you that Goddess exists, I don’t expect you to believe me. I would expect you to question that belief, if only for yourself. Do I believe in Goddess? That depends-

I do not believe Goddess as a sentient being outside of myself. I see Her as my Higher Self connected to the world around me, to the flow of life, death and rebirth, to the cycles of the seasons, and to touch upon the dark mystery of the psyche; to help me understand myself as much as the world and of the people around me and my place in it.

Now would you believe me if I told you there was a Goddess now?

What if I told you I believe in fairies?

That’s another topic. I actually don’t, but I’m open to that belief being challenged and even changing if the experiences lead me in that direction. I don’t think, however, I’ll ever believe in Tinkerbell type beings- not even the tooth fairy.

Even the belief in magick varies from person to person. For myself, I define magick as the psychological process used to perform a ritual/rite with words and will to make changes inside to make changes outside. I also believe there’s a part of magick not easily defined or understood, and that, like many acts we perform, doesn’t always work.

 What beliefs do you adhere to that are based on faith or fact? Have they changed over the years? What experiences caused those changes?

Book of Shadows Assignment: Journal on your thoughts of the Divine and what you feel is the ‘truth’ behind Goddess, Gods, or Other. How do you come to this conclusion? What influences help shape your beliefs?



2 responses to “Skepticism for pagans

  1. Another sceptic here! *waving* Extremely important to keep asking questions, and really THINK. Sometimes I feel that a lot of people love to rebell a bit against established religion, and thus become wiccans or pagans or whatever… and they feel just by the act of leaving the established religion, they’ve proved that they think for themselves! But what happens next? They often seem to stop there, and give up any scepticism or free thoughts, and lock themselves up in a new dogma! I’m not saying this applies to all wiccans/pagans/alternative people, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it applies to the majority. It’s like people really WANT to be told what is true, from an authority, rather than find out for themselves.

    As for me, I try to avoid organized religion. At least for now. I guess it’s because I love exploring, and finding out for myself! I want to do my own experiments and learn from my own experiences. Then I also love to read what other’s have to say, and basically compare notes. But as soon as I stumble on a website or book that claims to know the truth I’ll turn incredibly sceptical.

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