BoS Assignment: Ritual Planning

 Imblg, or Imbolc,comes February 2nd, and with that comes the  ritual planning. Generally, if you’re familiar with rituals, and celebrated in the past, its pretty easy to plot out the day’s festivities.

But here are a few tips:

-Outline your ritual and include the focus of the celebration. Imbolc, for instance, celebrates the first stirrings of springs, as the lambs begin to lactate. Seeds are often blessed with intentions for the coming crops.

-Compile a list of things you’ll need. I know a number of times where I started a ritual, but forgot some key element such as incense or a candle intended for something specific. List what you’ll need, including food and supplies, and make sure you have them!

For your BoS assignment, create a ritual outline for either the upcoming full moon or Imbolg celebration. Add the following sections to your page- supplies, history, focus, chant/prayers/invocation, and food.


Cleansing- What methods will you use to cleanse the space? Some pagans use a besom (broom) to clear the area both physically and spiritually. You might also use incense, or a meditation. The use of bells or even song can clear an area as well. You can also add what methods you’ll use to cleanse yourself. Some people use a special bath or soap to wash, while others might use ‘smudging’.

-Opening circle- Light working candle and invoke quarters/directions. Jot down in this section how you do this.

-Invocation to God/dess, or gods. Describe how you intend on doing this.

-Main working of the ritual. This can include magick, meditation, dance, drumming, singing, and even crafting. This is the meaning of the ritual, the purpose and focus of the ritual.

-Closing. This is often done backwards to the method of starting the ritual. For instance, some people go counterclockwise if they cast the circle clockwise. Others might ring a bell, saying a prayer to give thanks for the gods/spirits/energies that joined in the ritual.

-Cakes and ale serves a basic purpose of helping you ‘ground’ your spirit after ritual. I also use this to give a moment of gratitude to the Goddess and the energies shared with me.

What other things would you add to a ritual outline?


One response to “BoS Assignment: Ritual Planning

  1. I really like these assignments. They’re useful. Thank you for posting them.

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