Pagan kids

When I started homeschooling my son four years ago, I encountered a number of other homeschoolers who taught quite a lot about the Bible and their religion into their children’s education. You can imagine my surprise, when I discovered there are pagan homeschoolers who do the same!

My twelve year old son joined me a few rituals, but he doesn’t classify himself as pagan. He says he believes in Jesus (teachings) and Nature, and that’s fine.

WETLAND 028_0003I teach the homeschool basics of reading, math, history, science, and so forth. Its when we explore Social Studies where he gets a taste of various religions. For instance, if I’m teaching about Japan, we explore Shinto. If we’re learning about the Vikings, we also learn about the ancient god/desses of the time and the practices.

You learn a lot about a people based on their practices and belief systems. We cover the basic principles, their view on the afterlife, and how it affects the culture.

Children learn their ethics and beliefs from their parents whether the parents teach them or not. I see nothing wrong with this for it gives children a basic network of belief systems to work with. Its when they start questioning those beliefs and wanting to do things on their own that its important to guide them along that path.

We are a mixed family. My husband is Lutheran. I’m pagan. Our son will just as likely visit a Unitarian church with me as he will go through the God and Family course through the Boy Scouts. He will pick up what he needs along the way.

What are your thoughts? Should kids be taught the faith of their parents? Should they be on their own? What experience have you had in your own spiritual background to what you believe today?

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16 responses to “Pagan kids

  1. I think parents should tell their kids about what they believe in, as they should also tell them about what other kinds of religions there are in the world. Then it’s up to the kids to choose their own faith, fully supported by their parents! =)

  2. I believe parents should pass their religion down to their kids, especially Pagan parent. How else will we pass on what we know? Now, that is not to mean that we should hinder them from seeking their own path, but we should give them a good base in something to believe in. As they say, if you don’t believe in something, you’ll believe anything.

  3. I think teaching them about all religions, with a slight emphasis on your own is the best idea, for me personally anyway. Its how I plan to teach my kids. I was raised non-religious by my parents, to question everything, and I still think it was a good way to be raised, so will follow that path in most ways. While I won’t be placing my religion upon my kids, I will still be instilling as many of my morals and life philosophies in them as possible. It’s the deity thing that they need to choose for themselves, I will give them a starting point with everything else.

  4. I was homeschooled through middle school and high school with a very conservative Christian curriculum. The education part of it was very good… but the religion was so forced that I can safely say that my high school education was what pushed me from Christianity and set the stage for my venturing into Wicca and Paganism.

  5. Thanks for the comments. Its interesting to see the views on this topic, and I’m relieved to see so many that are open to the idea of letting kids decide for themselves. 😉

  6. i am a pagan

  7. thank u

  8. I don’t comment right away. I generally do that in the evening hours. I’m currently sick. I’ve been sick all week. Also, if you could post a question, I’d be happy to answer. Thanks for reading my blog 😉

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