Happy, Merry, Joyous Imbolc

I ended up not celebrating Imbolc for myself o my group. I haven’t been feeling well, fending off another cold, I would imagine.

It happens. I also believe it’s a bad idea to attend ritual when you’re infecting others with plague- er- um- a cold or whatever it is.

I hope everyone’s holiday went well, and those who watched the groundhog-Puxatawny Phil(yes, they only consult one groundhog, not a council, or even regional groundhogs- just one) predict another six weeks of winter.

I think next year, I’m going to see if he takes bribes. Not that I should complain about this winter. We got so little snow. In fact, yesterday was nearly 70F here in Maryland, although rainy.

You might find it interesting the history of the groundhog’s day touches upon the mythology of Caileach, a divine hag or creatrix, which predicted the weather. If she was out gathering wood, it mean she prepared for six more weeks of winter. If she remained in her cave, spring would come early.

I love those old legends and myths.


2 responses to “Happy, Merry, Joyous Imbolc

  1. 70F would be so wonderful right about now. It hasn’t gotten above 40F in days here. Soo cold… *shivers*

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