The Power of Mindset

Is the glass half empty or half full? For me, its always depending on how thirsty I am at the time. Obviously, I have moments where the smallest thing can set me off into despair, while other times I’m casual or handling things just fine.

I discovered this past year an epiphany from plotting stories of all things on changing my mindset.

I will explain-

I used to wallow. When I felt bad, I’d immerse myself into the sadness or negative thinking and not even consider an outcome, only feeling that it was state in life.

When plotting fiction, you have your main character facing a conflict. A story isn’t a story unless your protagonist finds a resolution- not necessary a solution- to the problem.

This really struck me hard on how I was not finding resolutions to my problems, but instead, feeding that negative thinking which only served to make things worse.

Your first step is to refuse to wallow in your negative thinking. If you do, this is known as spiral thinking that often catching people into such bad though patterns they fall into depression. Its complaining and ranting. Its letting yourself think bad thoughts without the benefit of finding solutions. You’re also feeding that negative thinking.

Think of ideas to change. Sometimes our problem stems from doing the same things, and expecting different results. You have to break out of the usual to see if a new method of action. You need to think ‘outside the box’, and weigh choices. Even if those choices are not ones you want to make, look further down the road to see if it might offer a better road ahead.

Embrace all results. Many people expect huge changes to be made and give up too quickly. A good example is trying to lose weight and quitting because you binged on tasty treats. There will be setbacks, but that’s a sign you’re trying to change. Reward yourself for the little results, even if they’re not exactly what you want.

Know it takes time. The longer you were in a state of mind, the longer it might take to get out of it. Give it time and keep moving forward.



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