Snow magic(k)

ice2I grew up in upsrate New york, survived the blizzard of ‘77, with 12 foot snow drifts, and no school for a whole month. As a kid, that was awesome. For adults, such weather can be quite fearsome.

Now I live in Maryland, where the locals panic at half an inch. Of course, there’s no ice here. That is more dangerous, but overall, the past few winters, and especially this one, has been remarkably warm.

Snow magic entails using the cold for crafts or even charging your items. Take for instance, your working candle. You can set that in the snow (or under a full moon) to ‘charge’ it with its energies.

Such crafts include things like ice candles, or you make special treats for wild animals as offering to aid your magick. One interesting spell is to create an ice mold, hang it in the sun, and while it melts, it releases the energy you put into it.

See links below.

How to make ice candles.

Ice lanterns.

Ice Suncatchers– when they melt, you can release your energies towards your intention.

Feeding animals in the winter.

What are your favorite snow and ice crafts? Post below.


3 responses to “Snow magic(k)

  1. Ooooo, I wanna try making ice lanterns! Gorgeous! It reminds me of the traditional swedish sow lanterns, made up of lots of snowballs (google snölykta if you’re curious!) Thanks for the links!

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