Tea, brews, and potions

You don’t often hear the term ‘potion’ any more, but it provokes the idea of poison or medicine that you drink, used for a multitude of purposes. But then, tea can also provide the same result so what is the difference between tea and potions?

While tea has a basic recipe of benign herbs, and the tea plant, potions can be a mixture of plants, bark, and even things like blood, tears, or crushed stone. You can also add tea to potions. Purposes to drink such mixtures can be for healing, poison, or even things like love.

Potions also don’t have to be consumed. They can be rubbed on the skin, poured on something, or used in spells. A few drops here and there, dabbed on the skin, or added to brews can add a bit more oomph to your magick.

You can also find or make tinctures (concentrated solutions of an herb/plant with vodka or other solution), that often offer medicinal value.

Here are some links to sites that offer some good potion recipes. Print or copy to your BOS (book of shadows) for future reference.

Witches Brew and Other Samhain Potions, Elixirs and Beverage– The coffee brew sounds tasty. not to mention a great idea to make flavored coffee at home.

A list of herbs/plants from The Wiccan Way. Very nice list of various herbs and their properties.

A Hot Toddy (adults only)- used for when you’re sick. It has alcohol in it, and it helped you relax and sleep. The honey, cloves, and nutmeg have properties that help illness move along.

Herbal Tincture on Squidoo– how to make and what they do all compiled on a single page. This page also includes how to get supplies for bottles. Very informative.

If you know of any sites, books, or tips you’d like to share, please post below.


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