You might be surprised to know I was baptized. I barely remember what led to that, but my best friend was a born-again Christian and she wanted me to go to this camp with her. My mother agreed, and so I went. I remember the pressure they put on me to join in the baptism ceremony to be saved.

I was already a Christian at the time, but being one that doesn’t follow blindly, I think my friend felt I wasn’t ‘Christian enough’. This was a dunk-you-in-the-lake type baptism, washing away my sins, and frankly I felt the process rather frightening that I had to trust the pastor not to drown me. I was maybe twelve at the time.

What also prompted me to share this post is that I recently learned how Mormons will baptize the dead, to save their souls. I see that as being incredibly obnoxious and just plain disrespectful. They even baptized Anne Frank, if you can believe the impudence.

debaptizedSo I share with you the concept of being de-baptized!

Instead of being dunked, they remove the ‘anointing’ with hair dryers. I find the concept hilarious.

What do you think on the topic of baptism? Have you ever been baptized, and was it a good experience for you? Post in comments.


4 responses to “Debaptized!

  1. Owlthena Rhaevyn

    I find the act of baptising children and babies and the dead to be shameful. I believe this should be an adult decision at least after age of 16 or so. No one knows what they believe until each one of us steps on that path of exploration and self understanding for ourselves. If after you have searched for yourself you want to belong to your parents faith then so be it, but it should always be our own choice and no one elses. I am just saying, for what it is worth,

  2. I remember when I was a child of 7 I wanted to eat the crackers and juice and found out I had to be baptized in order to have them, so I went through the process. I remember looking at the cards of what it means to be baptized and thought how ridiculous it sounded, but I “accepted” it all just to get those snacks as I saw them. Never did get any. Oh well. To me, children do not fully understand things like that and baptismal should be done at a high school age and older. I do not acknowledge my baptism as an actual baptism since I did not understand it at the time. Blessings.

    • That is a really good point you bring up; how children don’t comprehend the significance of the rituals. And although I feel its important to raise your kids in your faith, it is to give them context. My son is not pagan, nor is he Christian like his father. He’s a Humanist, and we often discuss beliefs where I encourage him to think for himself. I also teach him to respect others, while remaining firm in his own beliefs. “Don’t let others bully you in your beliefs”. He knows his mom has his back.

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