Reflections of truth

moongifI remember once reading a book on the topic of truth and Zen Buddhism, and they asked the question that should you see the reflection of the moon in a pond, and asked “What is that?” most people would respond “Why, that is the moon!” But it is not the moon….it is the reflection of the moon. That is a parable on truth.

Truth stands on its own, while opinion and perception relies on how we view something. My opinion has changes over the years based on life’s experiences and lessons learned. For instance, I used to tolerate bad behavior from others, until I realize that stemmed more from my own low self esteem. Once I realize I put up with people who continued to drag me down, I removed them. I learned I was happier for that, but also it served to give that person the chance to consider their behavior and its consequences. They cant do that if you keep putting up with it.

I firmly believe in my own beliefs, but also recognize as truth presents itself to me, I will evolve and shift as needed in those beliefs. This doesn’t mean I’m wrong now- far from it- it simply means I’m open to new ideas and emotion. For what I need now, even if that is ignorance, I’m fine.

We are evolving, ever-changing individuals that travel along our paths towards whatever destination we choose. Truth I feel is often obscured by strong emotion, bias, fear, and ego. It takes time and life’s lessons to shed those blocks before we can learn new lessons.

What do you think? Do you feel you periodically shed some beliefs for new ones, or do you stick with a defined outline of beliefs? Comment below.


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