Rules for happiness

I felt some basic rules, and explain my own thoughts on them, might help someone out there in the Internet world…

Free your heart from hatred. As an overthinker, I tend to obsess about things. It stems from wanting to ‘fix it’, so I spend a lot of times trying to figure out how to not hate another person who wronged me. Its tough.

I found it helps tremendously understanding that difficult people work from their weaknesses, just as I’m sure I do from time to time. Fear, pain, and anger makes a person behave badly. And considering you have to deal with them a short time, they have to deal with themselves all the time.  It is then I can muster some forgiveness and compassion for them.

Free your mind from worries. This might appear impossible, but if you consider how many worries of what is going to happen, never happens, try to be mindful of that. It seriously helps cut down on that worry.

Also bear in mind that things you worry about might prove to be a valuable lesson or what helps to shape you into a stronger, evolved human being.

Live simply. This leans heavily on the idea that by cutting out the complications of things, you will have less to worry about. I do this with my spirituality. I don’t need the tons of altar tools, jewelry, invocation/prayers, and other things that get in the way of living simply. I can do an entire ritual with nothing…sometimes just a candle.

I also found the power of ‘no’. When asked to help with this or that, I realized that I need to cut back on activity and the demands of others if only for my own sanity.

Give more. I give what I can, from books for others to read, to lending the listening (and empathetic) ear, to offering help when needed. Giving doesn’t mean the giving of things. It can be from giving compliments, encouragement, and love which last more.

Expect less. This was a tough one for me, but it also tied into my worrying. I expected things to go wrong, or put expectations on an event that it would ‘be perfect’. Now I go with the flow, try to be more welcome to changes, and accept things as they are, not what I want them to be.

And my own rule for happiness I’ve added:

Remove negative people. Although I can show compassion to those difficult people in Life, this doesn’t mean they need to stay in my life. Sometimes by removing them, they can learn more about themselves, and meanwhile, I found my life brighter and less burdened.

What do you think of these simple ideas to happiness? Do you think they help? Have they helped you? Post in comments below.

BOS Assignment: Add your own tips for happiness, or you can select one or all of the above tips to see if you can find happiness by putting them into action. Keep this in your journal.



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