Sexuality in religion

I see many pagans still cringing at the thought of skyclad (ritual nudity) or sex magick. The teachings we are brought up with are not so easily shaken. Not that it matters to anyone but you in regards to inhibitions, but I feel it’s a shame if you persist in seeing sexuality, your own or of other’s, as something sinful and ‘wrong’.

For those who practice ritual nudity will often attest, it has little to do with sexuality. After the initial embarrassment or shame, you get used to your own body as well as those around you. Gradually, you grow so accustomed to seeing naked bodies, you don’t even think about it.

New pagans might feel a bit put off when they learn the blade in the chalice, symbolizing the ‘Great Rite’ represents the sexual union of the male and female Divine. They might cringe at the idea the athame (ritual knife) or wand represents the phallus, while the chalice and cauldron represent the womb or female aspect of Goddess.

But one must challenge one’s inhibitions and feelings of being uncomfortable to better understand ourselves. Know theyself should be a tenent, to understand how you tick, why you do the things you do, and why you believe in things as you do. To stretch beyond our comfort zones challenges us from time to time.

You don’t need to embrace it, just take the time to understand it and your feelings towards sexuality.

This is not to say that sex should be seen as freely given. There are consequences to union, after all. Pregnancy and STD’s are a true outcome of unprotected sex. Instead, sexuality should be seen as both gift and as something sacred, not to easily squandered or thrown about without consideration.

It doesn’t require to be placed upon a pedestal but neither should it be stuffed into a box of shame either.

What are your thoughts? Have your views changed being pagan/wiccan/etc from when you first started, or have your views remained the same in regards to sex and sexuality? Post below.



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