The Worm Moon

The March moon is known as Worm moon when the worms leave trails of their travels in the mud. It shows the ground is also melting, preparing for the seeds to spring forth soon in all their glory.

Tonight also has the solar flare to contend with. I found nothing in regards to magic working with solar flares, but it would seem it would be perfect to add that extra ka-pow to spellwork, especially in cleaning and releasing bad energy.

Seed blessings and consecration of tools work well at the full March Moon, with thoughts on the goals we plant and how we’ll sow those seeds, how we’ll tend our spiritual gardens.

Plantable seed favors

Lavender basket tutorial

Newspaper seedling pots

Cleaning and cleansing for the spring. This is a good time to start spring cleaning of not just the house but also the garden, your magical tools, altar area, and your body. Consider a diet to detox, or clear out items in your home you no longer have need, or maybe smudge/cleanse the house from top to bottom.

Broom lore

Full moon cleanse ritual

Cleanse your crystals

What do you do at full moon? Are there moon ritual activities you enjoy? Please post below.



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