A fun tarot online game

I can’t afford the many Tarot cards out there, so its nice to find online versions if only to see the cards. This lets me decide which ones I might want in the future.


There are nine different decks you can choose from at Llewellyn’s Tarot page. (and order from their page) And you can also find seven different card spreads to choose from.

I like the Shapeshifter cards with all the lovely art and animals in each card.

At Learnthetarot.com you can look up each card of the Waite-Rider deck to look up its meaning. This site includes card spreads and explanations for each card location.

You can print out your own tarot deck with using the images here at this site.

There’s also the option of creating your own tarot by your own art and symbolism. You can select your own number of cards within the deck as well, or even add cards as you design them over the years.

What’s your favorite tarot deck? Have you ever discovered a surprise within a card spread in meaning? Post below.



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