Spring’s a’coming

IMG_0030I am loving this springtime weather we’ve been having. Despite the occasional rain or storm, I still enjoy the sweet scent of spring, the song of the Robins, and the fresh grass springing up everything.

Oastara, the spring equinox, celebrates the freshness of the turning seasons. This is a time to bless seeds, enjoy the outdoors such as a hike or picnic, or bask in the sunlight. It’s a time of fresh starts and new beginnings.

This is the time where the goals you’ve set into motion should start showing signs of development. You might need to re-evaluate, re-energize, or even re-affirm those goals to keep them going and seed your garden with all the hopes of the coming growing season.

For myself, I’ve lost six pounds. In January where I tried losing weight and saw no change whatsoever, seeing results now is both refreshing and motivating for me. Even my son mentioned how I like thinner. Yeah me!

Some Oastara ideas;

Make a ribbon windsock. (I made one last year and it still looks great on my back patio!)

Make a witch’s bottle and place near the front door to protect the home.

Seed Blessing ritual.

Add your own traditions in comments below, or add to your blog and link below. Winking smile 



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