Tuesday tip: Invoke or Evoke?

The other day some members of my group discussed the difference between invoke and evoke.

I looked it up;

Evoke means (1) to summon or call forth, (2) to call to mind, and (3) to call up a memory from the past. Invoke means, primarily, to call upon, especially in reference to aid, assistance, or a higher power. Grammarist.com’s page.

I like to see evoke as coming from inside you, while invoke refers to calling upon energies outside of the Self.

What do you think? Do you use evoke or invoke in your spiritual practice, and in what instances do you use the term?


3 responses to “Tuesday tip: Invoke or Evoke?

  1. Interesting. I always thought of it as invoke: to ask of aid and evoke: to compel something to come forth. That’s the way I learned it I guess, evocation is like goetic’s bindings of demons while invocation is calling upon the Goddess for aid. It’s funny how everyone has their own definitions for everything in paganism.

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