The face of the goddess

 I once had a friend who confided in me how much she disliked goddess statues that had no faces on them. I think they creeped her out. I actually prefer them, seeing goddess an amorphous being, that changes as needed.

Some altar statues are gorgeous, tiny replicas of marble art such as the Greek or Roman, or the more colorful faces of the Egyptian goddesses, such as Isis or Bast. Some are stone, others are wood or clay, but many take shape of our vision of the goddess and what She represents to us.

I don’t follow a pantheon or specific tradition. Many of the well known goddesses do not represent my vision of goddess. My goddess has no form or face. She is often a presence, a symbol, and something deep within as well as being all around me. In dreams, she’s taken shape such as an old woman or a young warrior. Sometimes she appears as an animal, or comes to me in a voice.

How do I pick just one face to represent all that?

I know of some pagans who change their statues/goddesses for specific times of the year, phase of the month, or even when their spiritual/emotional need shifts. For instance, a pagan in need of a warrior might pick Artemis or even Kali, while later, they may appeal to Kwan Yin or Isis.

What do you see as goddess? Do you follow a specific pantheon, or specific goddess? Do you follow a number of them? Post in comments below.


2 responses to “The face of the goddess

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