BOS: Journaling stones

IMG_1507A friend of mine recently made me a lovely bracelet comprised of Aventurine. We also went to get more stones at a local pagan stores, but as I was thinking about it, how does one add this sort of thing to a Book of Shadows?

Add photos of your stones– This would simple enough to do, much like any scrapbook, smashbook, or journaling style. Then you need to add notes on what the stones represent to you, as well as their properties.

Add journal blocks on the page. The stones I bought the other day came with little scraps of paper that list the properties. Very handy. But its important to add some sort of graphic to show the color and characteristics of the stone as well.

Add uses of the stone. Here you’d want to add not just the recommended uses of a stone, but what you’ve used personally as well as your experiences. For instance, I add a Citrine to a spray bottle of water to ‘spritz’ my house from time to time to cleanse and purify.

CrystalWitch’s page of stones.

Gemstones: Meaning and powers

Feel free to leave comments on your own ideas on how to add crystals and stones to your Book of Shadows.


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