Altars: Sacred space and special tools

IMG_0095 (400x300)Being I don’t have any permanent altar setup, I keep things in a large box a friend built for me years ago. Over time, it develops a mess, so today I cleared everything out and organized it, taking assessment to what I need to resupply, things that need fixing, and things to throw out.

Basically, I did a ‘spring cleaning’ of my altar stuff.

What sort of stuff do I have?

IMG_0091 (400x273)

– A pretty scarf that is green and gold, with leaves on it. Very pretty. (represents growth)

-A black piece of cloth used for the base of all altars. Any other cloth goes over that if I want color. (represents a banishment of negativity)

-Cauldron which needs some serious cleaning. I use only for fire and incense now. (represents the Goddess)

-Athame (not seen here because it needs a serious cleaning) was found as a basic dagger, a boot knife, and carved with a sigil in the handle. (represents the God aspect of the divine and directed will)

-Sage bundle, (for incense and cleansing of space).

-Goose feather I found along the river near where I live. (represents the air element)

-Seashells collected on Chincoteague Island when I camped there years ago. (represents water element)

-Sea salt. (for cleansing, representing earth)

-A number of crystals- Aventurine, Citrine, Lepidolite, Serpentine,  and red Tiger Eye. (represents a number of things, as well as earth element)

-A wooden pentacle carved by a friend who also followed a pagan path. (represents all elements plus spirit)

IMG_0083 (400x300)

-A crystal ball given to me from a room mate years ago. (represents air but also vision and insight)

-Mirrors (representing Self and the Divine)

Here is a photo of the altar box filled with stuff. Some things I need to clean and remove the wav from.

IMG_0094 (400x300)

Altars are personal, and the items represent that which we find important. I also have a small ‘portable’ altar that includes five tiny candles, salt, oil, incense, a lighter, crystals, and a mirror.

What tools do you deem important on your sacred spot? Post below- better still, blog about it and link in comments below. I’d love to see it!

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5 responses to “Altars: Sacred space and special tools

  1. I so remember those days! Thankfully now I’ve graduated to my mother’s old linen closet she gave me years ago. I should though go through it and organize it lol Loved the pics! Blessings!

    • I also have a box, handed down by a grandmother, but its smaller and keeps my bellydance belt and necklace. I ended up gluing a pretty pentacle to the top, and it looks so nice. Good luck with spring cleaning. 😉

      • Oh thanks lol I was just looking around at all the toys from my 3 year old twin girls on the floor when I got your reply. I have to laugh because everyday is “spring cleaning”!

        I love recyling jewelry (you mentioned your belt and necklace), my belly ring broke and so did a pentacle earring…so I had my husband just combine the two! So darn cool. Have a great day/evening! xoxox

  2. Pingback: Statuary- The Gods Reside Herein: Opening of the mouth, offerings and altars in every day life « thepurplebroom

    • Awesome post! I love how you added about invoking the god/dess into statuary, and also the point about fiddling with the box altar. I didn’t mention how sometimes I setup the altar, only to realize I forgot something and have to take everything back off to get it and reassemble the altar once again. lol
      Great blog post!

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