Planter’s Moon- April

 It should come to not surprise that April’s moon name is ‘Planter’s Moon’ or “Seed Moon’. Here we arrive to the month of potential growth and garden planning, and not just in the literal sense.

Even if you can’t set seeds into soil, pagans can still set goals for themselves.

Some April Moon Activities:

Seed blessings. Even if you can’t plant them, you can carry seeds as a reminder of their potential, and your intent.

Seed planting– start a window garden, small garden in the backyard, or even plant something out in the woods to grow.

Create water infusions such as Moon water. These are pretty easy- Set a glass bottle (I use old spaghetti jars) and collect spring water, rainwater, or even water from the tap if you don’t have anything else.  Set beneath the full moon tonight to gather its light and energy. You can also add crystals to infuse their energy into the water as well.Don’t forget to label them.

Speak with the Goddess. The full moon is all her glory and power, in the fullness of all that is feminine. Its feminine due to the ties to the menstrual cycle, and fertility cycles of mammals. “Speak’ through meditation, visualization, or drawing down the moon.

I sometimes sit quite in ‘still mind’, and wait to feel Her presence before speaking to her.

What does the April moon mean to you? Post below




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