Cleanse before ritual

There are a number of methods you can use to cleanse yourself before ritual. The purpose ties into the spiritual purification before you open yourself up to magick and invoking powers/elements/gods. You remove the negative ickiness of the mundane before starting a ritual, so your space and Self are clear and open.

Incense– Known as ‘smudging’ in Native American practice, you can find similar practices in many cultures, religions, and even time period where the smoke of incense was used to drive away ‘bad spirits’. Resin such as Frankincense are used as well as cone or stick incense. You can also use Sage bundles, often mixed with other herbs. In fact, any herbs can burn on Charcoal tablets.

Anointing oil- Rubbed on the skin, or even dabbed on the Third Eye, special oils are used to clear the spirit before ritual. You can buy oils already mixed and made, or you can create your own.

Blessedbe oil recipes– nice list of various recipes.

Squidoo page all on oils- offers lots of information

Bathing– Using more than just soap, many might use oils or even bath salts to exfoliate and cleanse the body as well as the spirit before ritual. The use of herbs in the oil, salt, and even soaps often tie into the purpose of the ritual performed.

Easy recipes for making your own bath salts– you would, of course, use specific oils and/or herbs in the recipes to bring their magical properties.

How to do a ritual cleansing bath.

What methods do you prefer? Sometimes I prefer a salt scrub in the shower before joining a ritual, or the use of oil anointing. Post in comments below.

BOS Assignment: Consider various methods of ‘cleansing’ the body and spirit. Compile a page in your book of shadows that includes your favorite methods, scents, and even bathing rituals. Include recipes if you’d like.


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