Beltane fun and frolic

highres_3545194Here are some ideas to have fun on Beltane. Celebrating traditionally on May 1st, it celebrates the union between the God and the Goddess.

Some Beltane Activities:

Mask Making- I could write an entire post on the elements of mask making, how a mask can reflect our most innermost self, or illustrate a totem or spirit guide, but the symbolism is endless. We’re making masks so we’ll have them for Midsummer, using this as an activity to consider that innermost Self and what donning a mask means to each of us.

Beltane mask-making– a neat page that shows some lovely masks created.

Mask making with plaster tape

Easy mask making with foil and tape.

Weaving ribbon- Beltane is the traditional holiday you find Maypoles. These represent the phallus of the harvest god, entwined with ribbons as life and rebirth, as well as the sexual, life-affirming energies of the God. Some solitaries may create an altar Maypole, which will sit on the altar each Beltane. You could also make ribbon

My group doesn’t the room for a Maypole or for dancing, so we’re opting for a new tradition of weaving ribbons amid the members in rituals.

How to make an altar Maypole (Video)

Ribbon Dancing (video w/ belly dance)

How to make ribbon wands

The idea is simple:

Get two lengths of ribbons(two colors) that is enough to encompass the perimeter of the assembled people. Twine the two together, letting each member take part at their part of the ribbon, while weaving their own ribbon into the length. This symbolizes not just the God and the Goddess’ union, but our own Spirits as being manifestations of their union. Each member should bring their own ribbon or select a ribbon of color, texture, etc. that represents them.

Potluck– Always a fun tradition at holiday, where you either pick traditional foods served that time of the season, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of eating food as a group. I think it’s a fun idea to have members bring copies of recipes, in case someone wants a copy, or add that to your BOS to serve next year.

Celebrate creativity! This is a fun activity for groups so members can do a show-and-tell of things they make (or create). Creativity is, after all, a source of the Divine inspiration. I’ve been in rituals where people brought arts and crafts, songs, dance, and even stories.

Share in comments your own favorite traditions for Beltane, or better yet- post in your blog and add a link in comments here.


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