Off the pagan path

Its not uncommon to go through a ‘question of faith’. Whatever you believe now might not feel right anymore, or it doesn’t make sense to you. For some, it no longer fits their needs.

This doesn’t mean you’re any less spiritual, or that the religion you practice has flaws,, but people’s needs change over time. Sometimes its important to explore outside our usual faith, if only to hone our own belief systems and pin down what we believe in exactly.

Other faiths obviously see things differently. Even within a single faith you will find traditions and groups that branch off to carry with them a few principles but also taking on new ideas.

Some pagan traditions are more orthodox than others, while other paths might be too freestyle for your taste. Exploring them might still offer a spark of something that sharpens your own belief system into something more tangible.

Other faiths follow different practices. Meditations, music, ritual, and even prayers are only some of the ways to touch the Divine. You may find something in the Buddhist chant, the Catholic hymn, or prayer five times a day with the Muslim religion.

Even among the pagan groups, they differ among practices. I’ve been in groups that cast circle in lengthy action and prayers, but also the simple circle of ‘hand over hand, heart over heart’ with hands places over the heart as these words were spoken by each member around the circle.

By worshipping outside the lines from time to time, you learn not only something about another tradition or path to spirituality,  but also you explore you innermost self. Its challenging and developing by questioning and learning.

BOS Assignment- Take the week to explore a religion you’re not at all familiar with and learn the basics of beliefs. Compare them to your own. Study how these beliefs came into being, the reasons behind them. Write in  your journal your thoughts.



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