Altar tool- possible statue replacement

IMG_1599 (343x500)

I’ve made a few attempts at making my own statuary for my altar, but so far, haven’t found anything that really works. Now I’m thinking of using this idea I worked on today; (see photo to the left).

Its easy enough to make with some wire, one of those glass pebbles you can find a garden section or craft store, and make a card or pretty element of just about picture, quote, or graphic you’d like.

I could use any illustration of the goddess, and change as I see fit, or include a card that has a quote or prayer on it, add a daily tarot card, or add any number of pictorial elements. I think this works nicely on the altar type setting, and could travel well in portable altars.

The card appears to be ‘soldered’ but its not. I used a hot glue gun, touched up the edges, then used Mica powder to give it a metallic sheen. Nifty, eh?

You could also make them any size, and use a number of various bases from wood blocks, to stone, to polymer clay.

Hope you like the idea.


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