Challenges for change

Ivy PentacleIn the last meetup meeting, we discussed the idea of having challenges for the group. We’d agree on a set challenge to be performed within a month’s time, and compare results.

Some ideas included meditation every day, studying mythologies of a culture, giving up something we obsessed over (we agreed we’d never, ever, ever give up on chocolate!), and other ideas.

Why take challenges? I’ve been on this kick to make changes in my life. The day to day stuff continues to drag me down, hold me back, and I don’t see progress.

Einstein said “Insanity; doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results’. You must change and do things differently in order to see different results!

-Assess your life to see what holds you back.  This might include negative people in your life, your own doubts and fears, a job schedule, or other restrictions. Figure out a way to work around that obstacle.

Dare to do things differently. This might require you to wake up earlier in the day, take up a new routine, omit food or habits, or any number of things from your life to achieve the goal.

-Find resolve, not motivation. You don’t need motivation to do something you don’t want to do; that’s not motivation. You need to resolve yourself, to agree you don’t like it, but do it anyway to achieve new things.

Some challenges to consider doing for the next month:

  • Each morning, say an affirmation or prayer for the day.
  • Be thankful before every meal, by giving thanks to the God/dess for the food on  your plate (or practice other forms of gratitude).
  • Meditate for 10 minutes in ‘empty mind’, and write down the results.
  • Take a walk in a park every day, and keep track of any changes or spiritual ‘gifts’ you receive at these times.
  • Do a kindness to someone every day. This could include a smile, giving a thank you card, opening a door, offering to help, etc.

These are just some idea. Feel free to add your own ideas in comments below.

BOS assignment: Consider a challenge to accept for the next thirty days and a reward to give yourself at the final achievement. Journal your progress.


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