The Meditation Challenge

 My meetup group decided to accept the challenge to meditate every day, for at last 5 minutes, until the new moon. I challenge my reader to the same.

Why meditate?

  • Meditation lowers blood pressure, improve mood, helps with sleep, lowers stress levels, and provides many health benefits.
  • Meditation helps you learn to focus the mind and will, which are key in all spell work and visualization techniques.
  • Meditation teaches us to take a moment for ourselves, to ground and center, to release negativity, and to embrace peace.

– Pick a method of meditation to do every day. This can be the ‘empty mind’ meditation, or something like walking meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, or taking the time to chant for 5 minutes. pick one method, however.

– Keep track with a daily journal.Write down thoughts, or if you achieved ‘empty mind’, add how you felt before and after, and if you managed longer than 5 minutes.

– Pick a time for your meditation. I’m going to do each morning, to set my day off on the right foot.

Meditation Timer

How to focus your mind

Meditation Infocenter

How to do meditation walking technique (video)

Approaching Zazen Meditation technique (seated meditation video)

Meditation (cute video on meditation) all things meditation


4 responses to “The Meditation Challenge

  1. i meditated for 6 hours once without a break and it was great. hope you reply

    • Without a pee break? I don’t think I could ever do 6 hrs straight. I’ve lost sense of time before, though.

      • yeah for 6 hours once and it felt like 5 minutes.. people can go to sleep for 12 hours without pee break.. so same thing …
        well the whole point is that u will lose sense a lot …

      • yeah 6 hours was the peak of my meditation but i couldn’t do it then for a few years after that . i did same in chess and reached a peak in that too and following day was useless at it.. so i think there is comparison when you reache peaks at anything

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