My meditation challenge update

106960559869536802_thjiDxMO_cI realize the meditation challenge for my group was my idea, but today and yesterday didn’t work out so well in doing any meditation at all.

I’ve recently had my plate full of preparations for our homeschool portfolio review. I always get nervous about that, and spend tons of time sorting and preparing for it. We passed, but the night before kept me up all night long. This screwed up my sleep for the next two days. This is why I hadn’t posted anything last Friday.

Unless you count the usual relaxed mindfulness I do while washing dishes or taking a shower, I haven’t done much in the way of meditation. I fall into this daydreaming mode, imagining lovely places or stories I want to write.

Thought processes are neither forced or focused, for that matter. They literally drift, like clouds, where I will catch a thought to ponder, only to let it go for later.

Some thoughts-

  1. Thought of a short story idea I wanted to write about-
  2. Which led to an idea of a possible anthology I want to compile on a theme.
  3. Basking in the relief of passing the homeschool portfolio review-
  4. Which led me into considering ideas as to what I want to teach my son through the summer months. Math, language arts, writing, but also chemistry, bug collecting, exploring the outdoors, trying new things..

These are just a few things that swirled around my head. I’m not sure if I want to count these moments as true meditation. I do this already, and the whole point was to make changes to see new changes develop.

I’ll keep you posted on the next few weeks.


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