The cost of Wicca

I was surprised to find a number of videos on Youtube where people mentioned how they can’t afford to be Wicca because of the tools’ cost. So here is what you do- don’t buy tools!

  • Tools will come into your life when you need them, not because you want them.
  • The best tools are ones that are gifted, crafted by you, or discovered along the way.
  • The single most important tool you already own….YOU.
  • You can cast circle, work spells, and celebrate your spirituality without any tools at all.

Book of Shadows– any 3 ring binder works fine. you can dress it up later, but its what’s on the inside that counts more on the outside. Any paper, pen, or even a document on the computer serves just as well to keeping track of your rituals and magical journals.

Athame– I got mine at one of those stores you buy used items. It cost me all of $5. I had a number of people buy me ones over the years, even elaborately decorated ones, but I still use the original boot knife because it feels ‘right’. You can also use a wand, selected any stick fallen on the ground that feels ‘right’.

Wand– you might read or hear other people tell you that you need Oak or Apple or Willow, but you can find any stick in the wood that ‘feels right’ will work just as well if not better. You don’t need to decorate it, but if you do, you can use wire wrapping or carve into the wood.

Cauldron– I’ve found cauldrons online that are pretty cheap, but the tool’s purpose is to be flame retardant, and often used to mix potions, burn incense, fill with water for divination, etc. You can use any fireproof pot or bowl for this purpose. You can use a tin can as well.

Incense– any dollar store provides incense, although to be fair, its a cheap type that often causes too much smoke in my opinion. You can burn herbs found in your kitchen for incense, such as cinnamon or sage on a charcoal. If you do get incense, and want to be frugal, you can cut up the sticks into thirds and use them as shorter incense sticks.

Crystals and Stones– I believe out of all tools, these tend to come when they are most needed in your life. You can stones along a trail or stream, at a beach, or down by a river. Crystals can often be found in shops for $1 or even less, depending on size.

Altar cloth– Although I’d love to have pretty altar cloths, I don’t like spending the time to look and pay for them. I use a basic black cloth I bought at a fabric store, which was a remnant, and sometimes use this brocade remnant on other occasions. I only recently came into a beautiful scarf cloth a friend gave me that has leaves on it. You can also use table placemats, old pillow cases, or just do without. I did for many years.

Sea salt– you don’t need sea salt. Any salt will do. You can also use tap water, but you can also collect rainwater in jars to be used in rituals.

Candles– you can use any candles on hand, even birthday candles. You don’t have to use candles, however. Your connecting with the God, Goddess, or whatever you define as the Divine doesn’t require props to commune with them.

Oils- These are another item not crucial to anything, but you can make your own with Olive Oil or other natural oil infused with herbs.

What do you think? Do you have ritual ‘must-haves’? Do you use things on hand or do you wait to get them before performing ritual? Please comment and share your thoughts below.



6 responses to “The cost of Wicca

  1. When I first started down my path of Wicca I was homeless, fourteen and had no friends/family that understood what I was trying to do, so gifted items were scarce, but as you pointed out, even a dollar store has options, but my favorite thing for “incense” was walking through woods/fields for pieces of branches, then in my spare time chipping the bark off. Then I would dry and burn the bark for my rituals and use the left over piece of wood for other uses either in ritual or life.

  2. Wow. Homeless at 14? I cannot imagine how scary and difficult that must have been. Kudos for moving ahead in life. Love your blog by thew way- I wanted to make sure my readers took note on it. I particularly enjoy the idea of skepticism in religion

  3. I have been having trouble finding tools do to being a closet pagan living at home…so I cannot order anything online and being in the south makes t ahrder to find tools.

    I am thinking of going to the antique store ad try finding an old fasion letter opener or something.

    I wish I had crafting skills.

    • That could work in a pinch. Also remember that wands and athames work the same for directing energies. I wish you luck in your quest for tools. 😉

      • Thank you, I actually found a good athame, It is really an amazing story. before I entered this antique/thrift store, I said a prayer to help me find everything I need. My mind was mostly in chalices and athames. I was not thinking about pentagrams at all.

        I was planning on using rocks anf making them in the shape of an pentagram, as a searched the store I was surprised to find an old star that was made of barb wire held together by string. It did not have a price on it…so the man who was working had to checled the price.

        I was so happy…and I also found a bamboo stick when I was checking out (I also felt a connection to bamboo) So I found everything I needed.

        I made usre to say thank you as I left!


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