The Power of Positive Thought

I love this video, and the woman shares some real ideas. What she says, on how to learn to have more positive thinking.

I use a similar method to help myself where in my journals, I use to spend a lot of time wallowing and ranting about my life. I finally encountered a breaking point, reaching to such a low point, that I knew I had to do something different to get out of the despair.

I started to refuse to write rants or whining. When I did, I simply made a little star mark with my pen, and focused on something, anything, that was positive in my life. Even if I had to write about the past or even future, I focused on positive thinking.

The change was amazing.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in comment below.


3 responses to “The Power of Positive Thought

  1. I love what she thought, but the only issue I find is the concept of the glass half full/empty… instead it is always full, the only question is what it is full of.

  2. Good point. I often tell people- it depends how thirsty I am. Obviously, its half empty if I’m thirsty. Its half full if I’m not. 😉

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