Updated blog theme and recent shenanigans

Perhaps its silly but I took the time to update my blog theme to better reflect the theme of its content. I try to focus on providing posts that touch upon both the light and happy side with the darker side of our spiritual path, where between them we can find balance.

As for current events, I’m updating pages on my meetup site so members can download the handouts I make for the group, as well as any information I create into PDF or .DOC files for them. I might do the same here, offering freebies for my readers to use pages they can easily add to their own Book of Shadows. Post in comments some pages you’d like to see, or if you’d be interested in labels.

They really liked the invocation cards I made for full moon ritual. These came in very handy and provoked members to pick up a card to call the quarter/direction/element without fear of sounding like a fool (as I tend to do from time to time). So also made an invocation card for the god and the goddess as well. I hope to update the file by adding the dismissal on the other side.

I also made for myself two jar labels for the rainwater I collect. I basically created labels entitled ‘moon water’, and used packing tape to attach them. I might add specific type rainwater, such as ‘gentle rain’ as opposed to ‘powerful storm’ or even rains on special days such as the full moon or new moon.

I finally decided that all meetup members can now attend rituals, with the caveat that we meet them in person first. Its just awkward having new people show up where they have no idea how things run in ritual, or what type of personality/energy they’ll bring. I will have them arrive as a guest to an open meeting and decide to approve them then.


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