Turning Mundane into Magical!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am a huge believer that there’s no need to purchase any new items in order to use as tools. It became pretty clear I best show some idea to make my point;

Broom– Sure you could buy or make your own besom, but you can just as easily use any broom you have on hand to turn this into a magical tool.

  • Etch, paint, or draw symbols on the broom to invoke energies you wish to replace whatever negative energies you wish to ‘clear’ from your space.
  • Add ribbons, wire, beads, and bells to the broom so when you sweep, it clears the space by motion and sound.
  • While sweeping, chant a song, or just find a song or words to say evoking what you hope to bring to your home.

Candles– They come in all shapes and sizes, but you easily craft yourself magical candles quickly and easily, with candle holders for your purpose.

  • Mix Elmer’s glue with a bit of water to thin it out, and add some food coloring and paint glass jars (I use old spinach dip jars or mason jars) or pillar candles the directional colors for ‘quarter candles’. If you’re skillful with painting design symbols. You can also add glitter or even printed paper as ‘decoupage’.
  • Cans make interesting candle holders or luminaries. Use a hammer and nail and create holes in designs to add to your altar.
  • Candle holder for apples. This works great during the fall season. Core out the top of an apple to fit a tea light and viola! Instant candle holder that looks splendid.


Wands– Wands come in all shapes and sizes, and an be very expensive. Consider taking a hike in the woods and looking for fallen branches and twigs you can use. It should feel right, not matter what type of wood. Lots of books say to use Oak or Willow, but you might feel more connect to Locust or other species that ‘calls to you’.

  • Wire wrap beads and crystals to the wand.
  • Carve runes, sigils, or other things to personalize.
  • You can spruce them up or not as you need. Check out the video for some neat tips- (he’s a sweet kid that shares his own experiences)


Pentacle– When I started out as a 14 year old shy teen, I think out of all the tools I wanted, I wanted a pentacle necklace. Some are not cheap, and if you’re a kid with no money or wish to alert the parents in what I was into, it became clear I’d have to find alternatives. At the time, it was so limited, but now I have some tips to share:

  • Clay. Making your own clay necklace is pretty easy outside the initial cost of the clay. You can use polymer or even paper clay, but flatten out the clay, cut out a circle, and draw or stamp or shape a pentacle into or onto the clay. This then needs to either air dry or bake in an oven for a period of time. Remember to add a wire to the piece before drying so it stays in there. Click here on a video showing you how to make clay necklaces, but consider cost, time, and effort to what you need.
  • Paper. You can make your very own pendants out of paper, cardboard, or cardstock. I’ve made similar pieces pretty easily. You will need Diamond Glazeor what I use is called Dimensional Magic (which I find cheaper). Here is a tutorial on how to make these type necklaces.

I will try to add more posts on this type of topic in the future as I find tutorials or try my own thing. Let me know if you appreciate this post, and tell your friends! Winking smile


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