The power of the fruit

smoothieAs I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been doing changes to get results in my goals. As with Midsummer coming in a few weeks, and the season brings all sorts of fruits and veggies, I even started drinking smoothies for breakfast, with some protein powder. It’s a great change.

I have more energy. As an insomniac, its not unusual for me to feel lethargic and tired. I don’t want to spend my days napping, however, and since consuming the healthier, more natural stuff, I find myself more active and prone to DO stuff, rather than sit and read/play video games/ write.

I lost a few pounds. Its not as dramatic as I’d like, but I can feel the difference of the five pounds. I think I need to amp things up by actually working out. I’ve been taking my dog out more for her to run, but I need to do more things with her (rather than just throwing a ball). I might take up jogging again.

My smoothie recipe: Its real simple

1/2 cup strawberries. These should be frozen. If you buy fresh, cut them up and freeze them.

1/2 banana. I cut in half, and use the other half for the next day’s smoothie. Cut these in slices and freeze as well.

1 – 1/2 cup of V8 Splash. Any juice will do, but I love the Tropical Blend. 1/2 cup makes for a thicker smoothie, but adjust for your own taste. You can also use milk, or even water.

1 scoop protein powder. I buy the chocolate kind. Its only 90 calories per scoop. I think it’s a ‘Biggest Loser’ brand.

Blend in food processor or blender until smooth. Drink up! This is around 150 calories and carries me over until lunch. It also makes a great snack as well.

Try a week of smoothies and see how you feel. You can opt to use peanut or other nut butters to replace the protein powder. You can also consider just throwing in almonds, or other nuts, or even add spinach.  I want to try adding spinach next week after I go shopping.

What healthy things do you do? Do you like to exercise? Do you ‘diet’? Do you have goals to lose weight? Get fit? Share in comments.


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