The faces and forms of God

276408495849376181_aMUKpRR2_c We often learn in the pagan religions that the God has as many faces and forms as the Goddess. We don’t see ‘one true God’ as much as we see the male aspect of the Divine in history as well as myth.

Our god is a harvest god, a sun (solar) god, or one of the warrior, or hunt.

A friend pointed out the other day his confusion as to why so often pagans make clear they do not worship God. In many ways, the Hebrew God is renounced, while other faces such as revered by the Vikings, Egyptians, Celts, and other cultures are held in high regard.

It’s a good point he makes; Why not the Hebrew God? Was he not born in a manger (representing the grains), and did he not die as a sacrifice (which many gods in many cultures do each year)? I don’t think we can easily dismiss what Christ offers someone following a spiritual path.

“But the Bible says ‘thou shalt not suffer a witch to live’. Well, true, however this was in the Old Testament, and referred to sorcerers. The word witch derived from a Hebrew word meaning ‘poisoner’. Not exactly the witches we know today.

I think this also touches upon the denial that we do not, in fact, worship Satan. But why not? We can the darker faces of the gods such as Loki, or the Celtic gods that people offered human sacrifices. (We don’t sacrifice, but I think its important to know the history of all religions, and that many had dark pasts).

Lucifer’s origins were Roman, a god of the morning star. His name means ‘morning star’, specifically the planet Venus. It holds ties to ‘light bringing’ or ‘bring of the dawn’. In fact, some bishops carried the name of Lucifer such as Lucifer of Cagliari, a saint in Sardinia.

Ah, but I digress- Satanism come sin many flavors just like any pagan religion. You have theist Satanists and atheistic Satanists. Some regard Satan is a anti-Christian figure, or literally a god of Light. I strongly recommend reading more about their beliefs before jumping to the assumptions (and lies) spread about them.

I guess my point is that I think we, as spiritual beings, should question why profess what we aren’t, instead of standing firm on what we are, and also accept that the difference doesn’t mean it makes one side ‘bad’ or ‘good’. Are not all gods the same one, as the many faces of the goddess are facets of the single Divine?

Post in the comments your thoughts/opinions. Do you feel each god (or goddess) are unique and individual, or all gods are the same but a different facet? Which face do you worship?


6 responses to “The faces and forms of God

  1. My view is that they are aspects of the universe that have been influenced and shaped by human thought, desire, and prayer. So you could say I believe man made the Gods, but I do not blieve this makes the Gods less important or wonderous.

    In fact I believe it makes them more important.

  2. I always make the distinction that I don’t worship the Abrahamic god (if it comes up). However, I don’t worship Celtic gods, Greek gods… or a myriad of other deities. That is due to my relatively hard polytheistic viewpoint, though. I view all gods and deities as separate entities- not as facets of some single deity *shrug*. I do know a few Kemetics who worship not only the Egyptian gods, but also have room in their practice for Jesus, or the Hebrew god. So some pagans do seem to maintain some sort of connection with Christianity/Abrahamic faiths (among other paths). However, a large portion don’t- probably because that religion doesn’t work for them, and not all of them view all gods as one god.

  3. Great article, can I share this?

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