Stories for pagans

 Someone asked me once about books that encompass the realm of realistic witches. They meant Wiccans, I think, specifically, so I felt to share a few books I’m familiar with that you might be curious to read.


The Fifth Sacred Ring is written by Starhawk who wrote The Spiral Dance , a well known Wiccan book. I read this years ago, and although I felt it a bit heavy with anti-Christian rhetoric, its still a good read.

 Mists of Avalon is a lovely read on the King Arthur story, from Morgana’s perspective. What I loved with this story is how much the author researched the myth but also the period of time. She adds a few twists to the tale without taking away from what we’re already familiar.

The Sword and Sorcery anthology series is massive with tales of wizards, dragons, ghosts, warrior women, and witches. I found a number of stories that touch upon  myth or legend, so I highly recommend these books.

 Cat Magic by Whitley Strieber includes a heavy pagan theme, but touches upon the idea of ‘sin’ and the death experience. I felt it really hit home the idea of our concept of guilt and what we forgive in ourselves.

Into the Shade is a short story, for Kindle, by me. Ok, I admit it, I figured it was my post so why not list my own story. It includes a character’s entering the Veil and finding a way to get out.

I’m a bit frustrated for not remembering more books. Years ago I found a number of books that seemed to have that pagan feel to them, but I can’t for the life of me remember the title. If you have book suggestions, please list in comments or post and link in comments. I’d love to hear some recommendations!


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2 responses to “Stories for pagans

  1. got to check some of these out. there is also a book of short stories called Words of the Witches that’s amazing.

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