A Witch’s ‘must-have’ tools

 I saw on Youtube a number of videos where pagans shared their top ‘must-have’ tools they use in ritual and spell work. So here are mine-

A focused mind. Being able to visualize clearly, to focus intention for a certain amount of time, and to control that thought is essential to ritual and magick workings.

To know thyself. Another crucial and necessary tool is to understand what makes you do the things that you do. You need to understand why you want certain things in your life, what (and why) symbols represent what they do for you, and to look deep inside the Self, particularly the darkness we have within our souls.

To always be open to learning. No matter how long you study, no matter how many years you claim you’re on this path, you will always learn something new. I’ve been in paganism for 30 years and am delighted to say I still find things to learn regularly.

Read and write. Ok, so  maybe not actual writing because my own handwriting requires a Rosetta Stone to decipher, but to find some means to express yourself and be mindful of your learning.  Reading provides a powerful means to learn new idea, even if you don’t agree with them.

In conclusion, I don’t depend on objects to work ritual or magick. You can cast circle without anything but the ‘tools’ mentioned here. I’m not particularly attached to the tools I have now, and most were either gifts or found items.

What about your opinion? Post in comments or better yet, write a post in your own blog, and post below. I’d love to hear what you think.

Book of Shadows Assignment: Add a page to your BOS on the tools you deem as essential to your spiritual path.  Include not just the objects, but the practices as well. This can include specific chants or prayers you enjoy.


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