Knot Magic(k)

One of the easiest methods of spell work consists of using knots and weaving cords to bind intentions and the focused will. Its easy to learn, and useful for ‘storing magic’ for another day.


  • To ‘store’ magic.
  • To bind or store magic for any number of purposes.
  • To bind energies into the knot to remove/recycle.
  • To be used as a reminders of the magic bound.


  • Any natural cord can be used such as hemp, cotton thread, embroidery thread, yarn, etc.
  • Any color. The color can represent your intention or yourself.
  • A focused mind that can visualize clearly.

The Basics of Knot Magic- This is a neat page that touches upon purpose and tips for knot magic.

Cord or knot magic. This post includes methods of tying the cord with a specific spell of nine knots. It includes the chant/prayer.

I’ve used these type of spells before;

Binding spell– I was furious with someone in my life where it took over my senses. I ended up ‘binding’ all my rage into seven knots, burning the black thread , and throwing the ashes in a toilette (it was supposed to be in thrown into water that is moving away from such as a stream or river, but a toilette should work too) Winking smile

After the spell, I felt as if a great weight had lifted from me.

Knot work for jewelry. Knots and cord magic are perfect for making jewelry you can use. I’ve made bracelets to wear to lose weight, to promote courage, and to hold charms or beads I want to wear.

These work great, reminding me of the spell worked into the knots.

How to fingerknit– I’ve used this method to make cord out of embroidery thread for jewelry.

Post in comments your own thoughts and knowledge on the topic of cord magic. Have you had much success? Do you work in these type of spells? Comment below.



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