My thoughts for would-be pagan writers

MP900308892As someone who’s been in paganism for some time now, I’d like to share a few things I’d like to see in any new books on the topics of Wicca and/or paganism;

More spiritualism, less emphasis on stuff and practices. Most books seem to talk about practices such as the proper tools, the words to say, but not so much on the traits of philosophy such as using practice to heal and evolve our spirit. I want to see more books include the fact you don’t need any ‘things’ to practice your religion at all.

More history, less speculation. I think its important to know why we do the things we do, how it got started, in what context it was used. Traditions change over time and we must weigh the worth against current events. We can’t change or adapt unless we understand why we do the things we do.

More religion, less magick. It seems so many books cover spells, magickal practices, even sharing some prayers and chants, but doesn’t really cover much depth of Goddess, the Divine, or philosophies compared to other religions.

More fun, less lecturing. I’d love to read a book that balanced fact with humor without being trite about the whole thing. Too often humor and fun gets ignored for the intellectual ideology. Words of religion should be uplifting, inspiring, not bogged down with dull history facts (and history can be fun/entertaining), or lengthy explanations.

If anyone knows of such books, please leave in comments below.


6 responses to “My thoughts for would-be pagan writers

  1. If you find books like that I’d love to know about them!

  2. I can definitely agree with this. People obsess too much about having the right tools that they miss the magick of the event. This obsession over tools makes witch craft into too much of a hobby and not a spirituality.

    • lol I chuckled at the ‘hobby’ reference. Its a good point. I’ve heard a number of young pagans just starting out saying they ‘can’t afford all the stuff’. This speaks more of the books they read, or sites they visit saying the tools are essential when they are not.

  3. I sure agree with you. I am a senior citizen and a former Christian pastor, and I have become very attracted to the lovely nature-centered spiritual paths followed by Witches and other Pagans. I am trying to learn as much as I can on a spiritual level as well as about the history of Witchcraft and Paganism. And yes, I want my learning to be enjoyable and fun, too. Thank you

    • Thank you for the comment and visiting my site. Its always lovely to hear from people outside of paganism showing support. I try to do the same when I can. 😉

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