Lammas- ‘Loaf Mass’

blogstewAugust 1st (Northern Hemisphere) marks the first of three Harvests we celebrate through the year . Lammas, a word from Anglo-Saxon meaning ‘loaf mass’ celebrates the first crops of wheat. Bread is often made and shared, as well as feasts, games, and sun related activities.

Happy Bread is a recipe I found the other day that looks perfect to celebrate Lammas. Not only is this a sweet type bread, its formed to look like the sun.

A Hub Page on Lammas– Includes some cool activities such as sacrificing bad habits, and harvesting your own crops or make a day to go out and pick berries and other crops.

PaganLibrary’s page of Lammas- Includes Catherine’s Wheel tradition of rolling a wheel down a hill to mark the end of summer and beginning of the Harvest season.

Lammas is the time of year where you need to finish the goals you’ve set, to plan for the winter ahead, and to consider what you’ll leave behind. It’s a time of being grateful for what you have, to celebrate the food on the table and the shortening days of summer.

My favorite traditions of Lammas;

  • Baking, and not just bread. My group celebrates with a feast so we gather together and eat great food, and talk about what we’ve accomplished through the year.
  • Crafting. I like working with weaving hemp cord, making jewelry, and working with clay. Its being creative that takes this shape of celebration for me.

What are your favorite traditions? Post in comments.


2 responses to “Lammas- ‘Loaf Mass’

  1. Lammas is when I trim down all my outdoor herbs plants and bring them in to dry for the fall. It may be a tad early, but if I don’t do it then, I forget to do it and next thing you know, there’s a frost! Lammas is also the anniversary of the death of a very close friend of mine, so I usually have some sort of ritual celebrating his spirit on this day.

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