Divination: Scrying

 One method of divination (to foresee or be inspired by the Divine), utilizes things like a crystal ball or candle to find visions. You can also use bowls of water, a black mirror, and other reflective or shiny things.

My own experience include the use of a crystal ball (see photo above). It once sat in a large pewter dragon I had- until a cat knocked it off, broke the dragon, and made a tiny scratch on the crystal ball. No matter. It still works. I found the vision that appeared was of a woman’s face. I didn’t recognize her or know who or what she was. I also saw a scene fill the ball that was an open meadow. Again, it didn’t seem to offer much in the way of meaning to me, so I think it was simply the random ‘noise’ the brain creates when you first get started.

It takes practice and patience.

How to Scry? The method of scrying isn’t a special ability a person has, although I suppose, some people might find it easier than others to see visions. 

Quiet the mind. Finding stillness, and ‘empty mind’, helps with finding visions. You need to clear the ‘noise’ your mind will feed you, and if you wish to find visions with meaning, you need to remove the traits that will mess up any messages the Divine (high power, or Higher Self) wishes to give to you.

Meditation and using deep, long breaths can help with practice to master the quiet mind.

Once the mind is still, thoughts, sensations, and visions will bubble up. Its the brain’s method of staying busy, of getting bored and giving you things from the sub-conscious. Many of the things you will see are likely to make little sense to you, or appear random. Sometimes fears may manifest at this time as well, which are insecurities or doubts.


Scrying Mirror are generally glass painting black. You can find ones with or without frames, or make your own by finding glass picture frame and painting the one side black.

 Scrying bowls can be of any size or color, but generally the color black is preferred. It makes contents within the bowl appear bottomless. With a scrying bowl you can also add oils to form shapes on top of water, or use other substances such as mead, spring or rain water, oil, and other material.

Crystal balls are tools that people think of for scrying, although they don’t have to be crystal or even clear. Some people prefer facets to give shape to vision, or provide properties to whatever goal of the vision is hoped for. For instance, a Tiger’s Eye orb might provide vision in goals, while a dark Obsidian would be for strength and protection.


Crystal Clusters, of any type, also provides similar form and function for scrying.  While not having the smooth surface of orbs, the fractals often provide a method to find vision. Size, color, and properties vary, so you’ll have to consider what you need and what ‘feels right’ to you.

Smoke from incense, fire/coals, or smudging also offers a method to ‘scry’.  I find the cones and loose incense on charcoal work best for this.

Candles or fire in any form such as an open campfire or coals, also works great for scrying. This is the easiest and cheapest ‘tool’ for scrying.

Remember that none of the tools are really necessary since the ability to gain vision comes from within. I find, however, that using one of the tools (you’ll need to find which ones works best for you), can help set the mind into the proper mindset to gain visions.

What method do you use, if you scry? Have you ever tried? Did you find you were successful?


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